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ABX has the largest syndicated database of concept, creative, and advertising evaluations, coupled with robust customer and audience insights. Our deep research allows our clients to make informed, real-time decisions at every step of their campaign.

Creative drives more than 50% of ad campaign effectiveness.


  • Marketers often don’t know well their creative is working or how to fix it on an ongoing basis.
  • Advertisers need targeted creative insights across all media types and channels to make ads more profitable.

Your ad is competing against thousands of ads consumers see each day.


  • Most people stop analyzing results after a pre-test.
  • What’s going to make you rise above the sea of competing ads?

ABX Index™ correlates to sales again and again across all variables.

ABX Dashboard

See how each of your in-market ads are performing against those of competitors and others at a click of a button, so your creative team can pivot in real time for higher ad impact. Fully customizable to meet your specific needs, including adding additional KPI’s, filters, reports, consumer insights, etc.

Sample Standard Report

  1. The ABX Index shows, at a glance, how your in-market ad performs vs. all in-market ads tested.
  2. More ABX Index scores by Category, Medium, Frequencies, Genders, and Regions.
  3. Ad performance is also broken down along 14 key metrics.
  4. Award winning Gender Equality Index (GEI)™ to measure unconscious bias against women, men, boys and girls.

Global Ad Performance View

Compare your in-market ads against competitors' globally by media type, GEI, and country.

Custom Reports

Gain critical business insights that give you the edge.

ABX conducts thousands of weekly surveys to deliver our client real-time consumer insights. Each business can then apply the reports to the unique challenges and opportunities of their industry, helping them make informed choices and stay competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Sample Custom Report

Importance of specific factors for diverse and inclusive companies

Spider chart: Importance of specific factors for diverse and inclusive companies