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Entertainment Measurement You Can Depend On

ABX has 25+ years in Entertainment Advertising Measurement and can provide the creative insights you’ll need to succeed. With the largest global database of advertising norms across all media types, channels and industries, and covering approximately 90% of global ad spend, ABX is perfectly positioned to provide creative effectiveness measurement for:

  • Video and Mobile Gaming
  • Product Integration/Placement
  • TV Show Pilots – National & Local – including tracking TV viewership and intent to view.
  • Movie Trailers – Early Concept Stage through Production.
  • Movie Concepts – Concept Stage through Production
  • Brand Fit
  • TV Tracker – Longest Running Syndicated TV Tracker
  • Sponsorships

Why Video Games Matter to You

The video game market has gone mainstream, and is growing significantly, with no signs of slowing down. Based on Statista April 2023 numbers, revenue in the Video Games market is projected to reach US $384.90 Billion in 2023 and is expected to show an annual growth rate of 7.89%, resulting in a projected market volume of US $521.60 Billion by 2027.

Statista 2023

Videos Fueling Growth of TV Shows and Movies

Video games is the largest category in the entertainment industry. It is successfully helping other entertainment categories grow, as well as other industries, because of their large, dedicated fan base. One example is Nintendo’s ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ that shattered numerous records in its opening across North America and 70 international markets over the 2023 Easter holiday weekend.

The In-Game Advertising (IGA) market size was valued at $6.8 Billion in 2021, and is projected to be worth $17.25 Billion by 2030, according the May 2022 “In-Game Advertising Market Report” from Research Dive.

Research Dive, “In-game Advertising Market Report,” May 2022

Gaming audience profiles are breaking the traditional stereotypes. Gamers are not only male teens, for instance. Instead, the captive audience spans genders, generations, and interests. Because of this, there are opportunities for brands that that are not found in on-screen ads that disrupt a game. Instead, they reside within other media that better reach the audience: the gamers and those watching the gamers outside of the game.

New Opportunities for Advertising

Advertisements are being incorporated into mobile and computer games. Pop-up messaging, on-screen commercials, cut-scenes, billboards, and backdrop displays, are a few examples.

These advertisements are non-interruptive, allowing players to have a more seamless experience. In-game advertisements are expected to have a greater audio-visual impact, leaving viewers with favorable and long-lasting product impressions. All such aspects will drive the global in-game advertising market.

In addition to in-game advertising, there are other ways that brands can partner, sponsor, and embed their brands into these entertainment and gaming vehicles that are extremely profitable, including, in-game skins and cosmetics, movie and TV show product placement and integration, event sponsorship, new product development (electronics, books, apparel, toys, etc.).

The Critical Role of Testing at Every Step

Every entertainment channel requires top-of-the-line creative to be non-interruptive, have a strong audio-visual impact, and leave viewers with favorable and long-lasting product impressions. Thus, advertising creative must be tested at every step of the way to ensure these outcomes. Regardless of how you want to advertise/promote your brand, creative testing throughout the process will guarantee the best ROAS and ROI such as:

    • Have you tested your advertising based on the media type?
      Should an in-game ad spot be a cut-down version of your TV spots, the same as your social media video or new creative altogether for the IGA media?
    • Is the movie, TV show, and/or game a good fit for your brand?
      If it is, how and where will your brand be shown in the movie, TV show, game, and advertising (Remember the Peloton/Sex In The City/Chris Noth incident)? This is evergreen content, so if done correctly there are significant revenue opportunities both short and long term.
    • Is the gamer experience of your ad true and authentic to storyline?
      Gamers are passionate about the games they play. They expect that companies and brands that are involved with their game IP stay true and authentic through storyline and theme.Two examples:

      • The Last of Us HBO Series premiered on Jan. 15, 2023, and was viewed by 4.7 million Americans. As of January 27th, 22 million domestic viewers watched the Season 1 premiere episode. As you can see from the images below, the actors chosen as the main characters had strong resemblances to the game characters. Also, The Last of Us Game ‘s original Ellie played a part in the season finale.
      • While the ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ has had great success, there was a negative press around Chris Pratt being chosen as the voiceover actor for the Mario.
      • Just like any sport, which has better ROAS in eSports: Team sponsor, broadcasted eSport competition sponsor, or just running ads in a broadcasted eSport competition?

ABX Advertising Benchmark Index (, is a techno-research company focused on driving ROAS & ROI through their Global Integrated Single Solution. Marketers, through the ABX Global Multimedia/Multi Channel Platform, are able to evaluate the effectiveness of all their creative and copy across all media types and channels, and against their competitors’ and other ads, representing approximately 90% of global ad spend.

Our solutions are designed by the Visionaries, Inventors, and Pioneers and inventors who helped create the methodologies used by legacy marketing research firms. Need something not listed on our site? Other valuable consumer data is also available for making informed, time-sensitive business decisions.