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Image depicts ABX measures all ads omnichannel

Measuring All Ads,

Digital, TV, Radio, Print, OOH, FSI, Social & More

Image depicts ABX has largest database of advertising performance

Largest Database of Advertising Performance

Billions of Responses

Image shows ABX realtime results correlate to outcomes

Realtime, Affordable, Valid

Correlating to results  and improving market mix models

Image shows ABX developed first-ever Gender Equality Index

  First-ever Gender
Equality Index ™

Based on 20,000 ads, the GEI™ measures bias in advertising

Why ABX for Advertising Measurement?

Creative is King, but marketers typically test only a small percentage of ad creative due to tight budgets and resources.  Test what you can and fly by the seat or your pants for the rest. That’s the old way.

Today, every ad can work hard and drive business results. Through proprietary, unduplicated technology, ABX provides real-time, affordable advertising effectiveness measurement for all of your ads, and all your competitors,' across the integrated marketing spectrum.

You’ll get accurate results that correlate to outcomes, improve market mix models and help build ROAS and marketing ROI. ABX is a trusted partner to major regional, national and global brands and to the ANA.

Laptop shows ABX Ad Explorer dashboard showcasing data

Study coverHow Does Non-Paid Media Impact the Effectiveness of  Paid Ads?

With AT&T and Hotels.com

From the Institute for Public Relations and:

Gary Getto, President of ABX; Angela Jeffrey, Vice President of ABX; and  Sandra Duhé, Ph.D., MBA, APR, Fellow PRSA, Associate Professor and Chair, Corporate Communication and Public Affairs, Southern Methodist University

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ABX Creative Benchmarking provides the largest national norms

Data on thousands of ads empowers your creative and media teams with real-time benchmarking of ALL your ads against national norms. Replace weak ads with strong.

ABX Custom PreTesting enables you to test multiple versions of ads

Why risk your advertising investment? With ABX Custom PreTesting, you can afford to test multiple versions of a concept, iterate and retest as needed with 24-hour turn-around.

ABX Custom InMarket Tracking tells you what your customers think
Custom InMarket Tracking

ABX Custom InMarket Tracking tells what customers think; how your advertising is breaking through; and, how it is resonating when paired with your media plan.

ABX Gender Equality Index measure unconscious gender bias in ads
Equality Index ™

Do your ads present all genders respectfully? ABX invented the Gender Equality Index ™, which is used as the basis of the ANA's #SEEHER Gender Equality Measure ™.