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Did you know we utilize the same methodology across every media type we measure?

The ABX Solution

Informed by the most powerful global syndicated database in the industry — coupled with the most agile support team — we deliver the start-to-finish custom insights creative teams need to dramatically increase advertising impact.


ABX clients routinely achieve a 20% increase in ad effectiveness


Case Study:

Major US retailer sees powerful year-over-year improvement in their advertising returns thanks to the ABX Index™

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We chose ABX because of its massive syndicated database of creative analytics across all media types, solid norms and actionable insights.

As one of the largest global advertisers, we needed competitive advertising effectiveness data in all our domestic and international markets to understand how our creative was working in-market. ABX made this possible.

ABX has been an effective and responsive partner.

-Director of Global Consumer Insights

About ABX

For over 25 years, the ABX team of Visionaries, Inventors, and Pioneers has led the way in major ad effectiveness solutions, conducting millions of interviews and measurements across multimedia audiences.

We are the first to develop these industry gold-standard solutions.