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Nothing will undermine a Brand’s ESG creative effectiveness faster than an inauthentic message.

Diverse audiences can spot tokenism in brand messaging in a heartbeat. Is the advertising conveying a company’s true commitment and passion to a cause or special audience? Or is the advertiser pretending to care because it is the “right” thing to do, or because the risk of saying or doing the “wrong” thing is so great in today’s hyper-sensitive environment?

ABX is pioneering metrics and insights for measuring Social Sensitivity through the syndicated measurement of thousands upon thousands of ads. Many of these measures are easily accessible on the ABX dashboard, and others are accessed through ABX Insights Reporting.

Available ESG measures include:

  • Gender Equality Index (GEI™)
  • Multiculturalism
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Ethnicity
  • Environmental Sustainability

Gender Sensitivity

Avoiding Gender Bias provides a direct correlation to improved messaging effectiveness. The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) created the #SeeHer campaign to improve the accurate portrayal of women. To power #SeeHer, ABX developed the first-ever Gender Equality Index™ (GEI™) that fuels SeeHer’s Gender Equality Measure (GEM®). ABX has established the Gold Standard in global gender norms by testing more than 200,000 ads.  To see the press release and the ESOMAR Award-Winning Case Study on ABX research findings demonstrating the significance of gender bias on Reputation and Purchase Intent click HERE.

Measuring Ethnicities And Multiculturalism

Effective creative for special audiences requires “Cultural Sensitivity,” understanding how different ethnic groups live, think, and experience the world rather than simply casting diverse actors and placing them in unrealistic and meaningless scenes in TV and video spots. See Case Study on ABX’s building of a predictive marketing model measuring the impact of smart messaging to African-American shoppers on retail sales.

Environmental Sensitivity

Today’s consumers, especially Gen Z, are particularly attuned to environmental consciousness. The term “green-wash” was established to identify Brands that present themselves as environmentally responsible with a message ungenuine to their Corporate practices. This can have a lasting impact on savvy audiences. See Brief Case Study on some a few brand ads that successfully convey Brand Authenticity in environmental issue messaging.

CLICK HERE to see the full white paper “Insights from Measuring Gender Equality, Ethnicities, Diversity & Inclusion, and Sustainability.”

ABX Advertising Benchmark Index (, is a techno-research company focused on driving ROAS & ROI through their Global Integrated Single Solution.  Marketers, through the ABX Global Multimedia/Multi Channel Platform, are able to evaluate the effectiveness of all their creative and copy across all media types and channels, and against their competitors’ and other ads, representing approximately 90% of global ad spend.

Our solutions are designed by the Visionaries, Inventors, and Pioneers and inventors who helped create the methodologies used by legacy marketing research firms. Need something not listed on our site? Other valuable consumer data is also available for making informed, time-sensitive business decisions.