Product integration
and placement explodes

as traditional ads falter. A new way of measuring success.

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Testing for gender

Tools to tackle unconscious bias and inequalities in ad creative.

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Sight, sound, and motion superiority is a myth

Cumulus Media reports massive ABX study results.

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Let us show you what you're missing without the

ABX Creative Feedback Loop

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Increase your “ads” of success.

Keep pace with fast-evolving preferences. Power your creative with advanced analytics informed by a global vision and big-data standards. And gain the confidence to excel in today’s always on, omnichannel market.

The world’s largest advertisers rely on ABX to correlate creative to sales results, purchase behavior and insights into today’s ever-changing consumer across all media types. You can too.

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  • Global Multimedia Syndicated Platform
  • Product Integration & Placement Testing
  • ABX Gender Equality, Multicultural & Social Sensitivity Testing
  • Custom Pre-testing
  • Custom In-Market Tracking

See how your ads stack up against your competitors.

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ABX has changed the face of advertising—literally.

Big data. Gender equality. Multicultural. Social sensitivity. Faith. Sustainability. Diversity and Inclusion.

ABX has led the way in every advertising trend, providing the tracking, analysis and metrics to help the leading brands craft ads and marketing programs that resonate more deeply—with more people.


Proven impact: Consistent norms and methodology across all media.


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Boost the return
on ad spend

Three case studies detail ways to get more for your money.
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Saved by
the ad

After the e-coli scare, Chipotle found success with ABX metrics.
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Radio: More bang
for your buck

Analysis of three ad campaigns adds unique perspective on ROI.
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Measure the metrics that matter most.

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