Imagine getting a 360° perspective of ALL your advertising, and that of your competitive set, fast enough to make decisions that radically impact your ROI. Your advertising investment risk would be minimized as you see which executions perform best, and which need to be retired, before it’s too late.

Finally, you can have it all with ABX, which benchmarks creative across ALL media types and competitors, with insights in 24 hours. The predictive nature of the ABX insights, delivered in virtual real-time, is what mitigates your risk.

ABX delivers this unique capability through proprietary and proven technology unduplicated in the market today, at a cost that is efficient for you. ABX is a trusted partner to major regional, national and global brands striving to boost the effectiveness of their market mix models as well as improve their advertising investment ROI.

The only source that measures the impact of all your advertising

Never again risk your advertising investment by measuring only a small fraction of your creative because time or budgets are limited. Now, finally, custom research services have been built into a syndicated framework, so you can afford to measure ALL your ads in print, radio, television, digital, OOH, free-standing inserts and more. Then, include those creative scores for all media types in your market mix models, and see their predictive accuracy increase by up to 15%.

The only source that reveals how your advertising compares with your competitors’

Never again constrain your view of your advertising to a silo perspective. It is impossible to evaluate the power of your advertising without the context of your competitive choice set. And that is exactly what ABX does. The ABX syndicated study has the largest normative database in the world with 100,000+ measured ads in 18 industry categories and across all media, providing a searchable creative database for improved ideation.

The only source that combines all aspects of your advertising investment to elevate your ROI

Never again drown in ad measurement data. ABX analysts deliver the insights that emerge from a full perspective of your entire advertising investment. Dashboard or smartphone delivery empowers you to make immediate decisions on your investments on given creative and media mix. Moreover, ABX establishes creative norms that enable effective programmatic buying, and indices that correlate to sales and other outcomes.

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