Ad Evaluation: Spend Smarter with ABX

Every advertiser produces ads that range from very good to very bad. The chart below is typical. ABX gives you the data you need to make informed decisions about your advertising creative.

With ABX, you’ll know how every one of your ads performs, within 48 hours of its appearance in the marketplace. You’ll be able to generate significantly higher ROI simply by moving money from poorer performers to more effective ads.

Increase Ad Effectiveness and move money from lower-performing to higher-performing ads

Make your creative dollars count with ABX.

The ABX Difference

The typical advertising research method is limited to testing a fraction of all ads in a campaign. And the end result may only be known months after the campaign has run.

The old, linear model of Test - Run - Measure.

ABX changes that. With  ABX evaluation, you get real-time, ongoing optimization, throughout the campaign.

The new model: continuous testing and monitoring to improve Advertising Effectiveness

ABX gives you the feedback you need for short-term spending optimization and long-term creative improvement, impacting  your complete campaign lifecycle.

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