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A Proven Approach to Sales Lift

Advertising Benchmark Index (ABX) measures globally thousands of in-market ads a week across media channels, with 400,000+ ads tested to date. The ABX normative database is the industry standard since identical methodologies are used to test ad effectiveness for in-market, pre-test and trackers across all media, categories and variables. The ABX Index™ is proven to align and correlate extremely well with sales lift. ABX is a research partner to the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), major media networks, brands and agencies.

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Experience the ABX Advantage​

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How “Top Ads Of The Week” Are Chosen​

To qualify, the ad must have a First-Run date within two weeks of the tested week. Those with the highest ad effectiveness scores (the ABX Index) are then compared for strongest creative execution. The KPIs featured are the most important for correlations, but a total of 14 KPIs are tested across all media, categories, demographics, ethnicities, generations, and more. The average norms for 400,000+ ads = 100.

How To Read The Summary Chart​

The ABX score reflects creative effectiveness for a GenPop audience. The values shown are indices, with a score of 100 representing an average against all ads in the ABX database. The ABX Index is a summary value made up of Clear Brand, Message, Reputation, and Any Action. In addition, if there is a female or male in the ad, there is an awarding winning Gender Equality Index (GEI) score. The graph colors for the KPIs represent the following indices ranges: Green (105+ – Above Average), Yellow (95-104 – Average), Red (94 or below – Below Average), with the numeric value below each KPI graph.

ABX Advertising Benchmark Index (, is a techno-research company focused on driving ROAS & ROI through their Global Integrated Single Solution.  Marketers, through the ABX Global Multimedia/Multi Channel Platform, are able to evaluate the effectiveness of all their creative and copy across all media types and channels, and against their competitors’ and other ads, representing approximately 90% of global ad spend.

Other valuable consumer data is also available for making informed, time-sensitive business decisions. Designed by the visionaries, pioneers and inventors who helped create the methodologies used by legacy marketing research firms.