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Subway’s back, with gusto!  Of ABX’s Top Ads of the Previous Week, Subway scored #1 in three of the five media types tested by ABX each week – Television, Internet and Out-of-Home.  Relating to its slogan, “Founded on Fresh,” the highly effective advertising plays off words, letters and numbers with super-crisp typefaces, memorable low prices, and fresh-looking food.

New Subway Advertising Effectiveness Scores Are Gigantic.  Simplicity seems to Rule the Day

While the ads are good, one can’t help wondering if the high scores … especially for Reputation … aren’t consumers’ way of saying, “hey, we always liked the concept that built the franchise … welcome back.”

For example, see the TV spot above, which has an overall ABX Creative Effectiveness Index of 135 (+35% over norm).  While that’s great, the Reputation score is truly stunning at nearly double the average reputation score (ABX Index 198).  Awareness and Message are strong, and Call-to-Action is 44% above average!


Or consider the Internet Video ad below.  It’s all about “$4.44.”  Everything.  And folks ‘get it’ with a high score for Message (+36%), Reputation (+81%) and Call-to-Action (+57%).

The campaign translates well to billboard, too, with the same clean, clear look and focus on price. The ad effectiveness scores below are well above average for Out-of-Home.

What are the learnings?  We believe people love the Subway brand and are happy to respond to its new advertising look and feel.  This is a great example of smart, effective advertising that hearkens back to a brand’s foundation in a fresh, new way.   Stay tuned for other Competitive Intelligence for Restaurants, Food, Financial Services and more.

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