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Two very different creative approaches. Two very different mediums. And the same creative effectiveness score for each!  See how Energizer and Duracell battle it out.  If you’re interested in ad effectiveness in other media, visit “Integrated Marketing in All Media.”

How Print and TV can deliver equal advertising effectiveness.

Energizer used a highly-informative sustainability print advertisement to present the benefits of its new Energizer Eco Advanced batteries.  The beautifully-illustrated ad gives details on how Energizer is powering communities responsibly through innovation, packaging, recycling and more.  This message works well for an integrated advertising and marketing strategy since it’s information-rich and would play well in public relations campaigns as well as other forms of media.

Duracel used an emotion-wrenching :15 second TV creative to promote the long-life of its Quantum batteries. (Click photo to play).  A soldier records a loving message into the bear and sends it off to his little daughter.  It arrives in perfect shape with plenty of battery life.  This message is short – focusing on reliability and durability, but none the less successfully.


Both ads had exceptional ad effectiveness results with scores 30% above average and even higher calls-to-action. The KPI differences below are not statistically significant.  See other examples of great creative in every media type here.

After benchmarking more than 400,000 ads across all media types, we’ve learned that every media type has the ability to generate equally strong communication impact. Strong creative is the key.