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Does Social Media Integrations Always Produce Higher Advertising Effectiveness Scores?

Breakfast All Day advertising scores were strong enough to help McDonald’s creative effectiveness make a comeback! While these scores were higher, they also showed considerable variation due to creative differences.  We characterized the differences by how much emphasis was given to the presentation of food versus how much attention was given to the use of social media graphics.


While the social media treatment was likely chosen to appeal to Millennials, creative effectiveness data for that demographic group showed no significant differences from other groups.

As you can see below, the highest scoring ad with an ABX Index of 133 (almost 33% above average) made effective use of food beauty shots, while the least effective ad at 110 emphasized the use of social media graphics and did not emphasize the food.

Don’t take our word for it; have a look at the two ads and see which one makes you hungry for breakfast all day.

  • Top-Scoring Ad – it’s all about the food.  Look at the huge creative effectiveness scores for Reputation and Action!


  • Bottom-Scoring Ad – It’s all about communicating the breakfast message through social media graphics. An ABX Score of 110 is still good, with viewers clearly understanding the message. But, Reputation and Action are only “average” and it appears the spot doesn’t motivate anyone to do anything.

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