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Free Informational Resources and News on Advertising Effectiveness

ABX is constantly identifying new insights into advertising effectiveness through the analysis of hundreds of ads tested each day, reading trade publications and new academic studies, and conducting research projects. This section is devoted to providing insights and information on many parts of the ad testing process including links to external sources and posts from our ABX Advisory Blog.  PDF print-out options are provided on each resource page.  The Newsroom provides links to ABX articles and Media Contacts

Five In-Depth Resource Pages for You
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Advertising Effectiveness Measurement

How do you know which half of your ads aren't working?  Ad measurement as we've known it is broken with 60% of all ads being ineffective. It's time for a new creative process. See new ideas for comparing across media types, competitors and categories; measuring locally and globally; and measuring gender bias.

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Integrated Marketing Across All Media Types

How can you make sure your messages are experienced the same in all mediums?  Which mediums are best for which KPIs?  How does non-paid media impact advertising effectiveness?  See media norms on 25,000 ad tests and great Integrated Advertising video from Saatchi & Saatchi.

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Competitive Intelligence in Advertising

Do we really know if our ads are good if we don't compare them against competitor ads?  Great norms are available today for all kinds of ad variables. See the chart on the top industries and which are have the highest/lowest norms.  Insights are provided for using the KPI data with the Creative Team.  

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 Creative Testing for ROAS, ROI and Predictive Analytics

Weighting media spend by creative scores will enable strong correlations to sales revenues.  Media spend alone won't do it.  Definitions of success are provided along with strong case studies that show the power of creative test results in market mix models in the beauty, beverage and lottery categories.

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Gender Equality in Advertising 

Unconscious gender bias in advertising can affect Reputation scores by 10% and CTA's by 26%.  Representing actors with respect can be big business in addition to good for the soul.  See summaries of three major efforts that have made getting gender in advertising right a priority.

Mini Case Study

One of the world's largest retailers was considering reinstituting an advertising symbol it used many years ago, but were concerned how it would impact its reputation. ABX collected and tested ads with this symbol from a decade ago. Once results were put into context with the competitive set, they showed the symbol would favorably impact the client's advertising.