Advertising Effectiveness Measurement with Realtime Data Insight & Delivery

The ABX Ad Explorer client portal allows for 24/7 access to your advertising effectiveness measurement so you can make real time creative and media buying decisions. Proprietary technology delivers lightning-quick data analysis, segmented by country, demographic, category, and media usage for the 14 core KPIs and ABX Gender Equality Index ™ measures.

Survey responses are analyzed to produce the proprietary ABX Index and enable every ad to be compared against every other ad regardless of media type or industry segment. Additional insights are provided by ABX researchers for contextualization. Only ABX provides the robust, omnichannel advertising effectiveness measurement data needed to enable marketing mix modeling to include creative metrics, the most impactful independent variable, in predictive models.  To learn more, go to our blog.

The ABX Ad Explorer dashboard operates on desktop or hand held devices.

All advanced technology is wholly-owned and proprietary, so the Ad Explorer can be customized to your needs.

The ABX Ad Explorer

The ABX Ad Explorer dashboard provides quick and easy data insight tools in Media, Category and Competitive context, enabling you to compare ads against every KPI as needed omnichannel.

This KPI comparison chart is one of many reports on the ABX Ad Explorer dashboard.

The ABX Ad Report

The ABX advertising measurement Report provides a simple visual picture of strengths and weaknesses in your advertising effectiveness measurement omnichannel. Again, every ad is compared to the most extensive normative data benchmarks in the industry.  To learn more about the ABX Report, click here for the Guide.

Here is a sample ABX Ad Report including all KPIs and the Gender Equality Index scores.

The ABX Competitive Reports

See how your advertising effectiveness compares to your competitors’ in every media type, for any time frame or demographic, with the click of a mouse through competitive position snapshot reports such as this.  With 250,000 ads tested globally, competitive data is ready for harvest!

One of the most exciting ABX dashboard reports is the competitive