Proprietary Technology Creates Largest Normative Database

There’s a reason the ABX advertising measurement normative database is the largest and most accurate in the business. ABX management applies proprietary technology and best-practice methodology to each phase of the research process. ABX has also tested more ads than anyone on the planet, over 250,000 to date globally.

Ad Selection

Ads are collected each day and are chosen for evaluation using an automated random selection algorithm. This algorithm assures a mix of ads by media type in the same proportion as the universe of all ads, and then groups them for testing. Ad order is randomized to avoid position order bias.

Consumer Respondent Sampling

A representative and balanced sample of consumers are randomly selected from among those qualified.  A general population stratified random probability sampling design uses a blended sample. Participants double opt-in and are balanced by age within gender, and by geography. Additional demographic, segmentation, product use, social media and media consumption are collected.  Standardization across all advertising measurement sampling enables the most accurate normative database of advertising measurement in the world.

The sample consists of:

  • Adults 18+ (with additional target/segmentation as needed by client)
  • Residing in the country (15 countries and contiguous 48 states for the US)
  • Geography (4 Census regions for the US)
  • Representative of income and education

Interviewing Methodology

The ABX survey uses a proprietary “ocular” communications survey system that provides improved accuracy, higher interview satisfaction and better compliance. It generates 40% more data than traditional “text based” surveys. This single-solution, highly repeatable methodology ensures that every respondent is presented with the same interviewing experience and is identical in all markets and for all languages.  

The ABX proprietary Ocular survey method produces 40% more information in less time.