Global Multimedia/Multichannel Syndicated Platform

Benchmark your Total Creative Footprint with the ONLY Global Syndicated Platform

ABX - Benchmark Footprint

Imagine being able to measure your complete creative effectiveness footprint against competitors in all media types/channels such as TV, Radio, Print, Digital, Social, Online Video, Outdoor, Cinema, FSI, Podcasts, Short-Form Mobile, Product Placement/Integration and more. 

Then, imagine you can see at a glance how your creative is performing across all variables that are benchmarked against a normative database of 300,000+ in-market ads tested-to-date, and with thousands more tested every week. Because the methodology for every media type is identical, this integrated, single solution enables you to identify insights impossible to find before now. 

In case you don’t need Global data, the syndicated platform also provides options for Local, DMA, City, Region, Country and Territory – and media types can be selected as you wish. 

However, you may wonder, “why measure all creative for my company and competitors? Isn’t it sufficient to just measure the big ones like TV and Online Video?"

Maybe Not.

Take a quick look at the study below, which compares measuring ONLY TV/Online Video versus measuring ALL Media Types in all channels. This study is based on US advertising data for a global retail and entertainment company, and includes TV, Radio, Print, Digital, Online Video, Outdoor, Cinema, FSI and Mobile.


For less complexity, we’ve limited the comparison to some of the most important metrics including the ABX Index, Reputation, Purchase Intent and Any Call To Actions (Contact, Web, Recommend, Talk About, etc.).  For just TV/Online Video, we tested 255 in-market ads. For All Media Types, we tested 800. The Average ABX Index = 100.

In the chart above, we see how metrics for TV/Online Video are considerably higher than the scores for “All Ads,” except for the “Any Action” KPI, which reverses the picture. We can learn a lot from this simple study, but here are key insights:

  • Your target audience sees your creative in various media and forms opinions based on a total media footprint. Look at the Reputation score: you may think your Reputation is great viewing only a few media types, but it is actually lower in All Ads.
  • Look at the holistic picture and then study the individual media type scores, to see critical insights on exactly where improvements must be made to effect your advertising strategy and ROAS.

What’s an Affordable , Always On Solution?

The Global Multimedia/Multichannel Syndicated Platform described above is literally always on, delivering results within 24 hours, with 24-48 hour turn-around for custom pre-tests, trackers and full reporting.

The data is available by Category, Brand, Product, Media Type, Competitive Set and Population Group - such as your Target Audiences – as well as the new ABX Social Sensitivity Metrics for Multicultural, Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability and Faith. In addition, you can readily access the industry Gold Standard ABX Gender Equality Index (GEI) ™, which was adopted by the ANA and SeeHer as their "Gender Equality Measure®".

ABX - multimedia

 Whether or not you choose to test all of your ads (at level of finish) and those of your competitors, or whether you just need certain Media Types, ABX provides exactly what you need. Additional resources for the “all media types” concept can be found at "Integrated Marketing Across All Media Types," "Competitive Intelligence in Advertising,” and "Advertising Effectiveness Measurement."

In summary, the program includes:

  • Multimedia/Multichannel advertising measurement including digital, social, print, television, radio, OOH, FSIs, in-store signage, product placement/integration,  mobile radio and podcasts, and more.
  • Measurement in Local, DMA, City, Region, Country, Territory or Global as needed.
  • Client and competitor results covering a vast array of industries and more than 100,000 brands.
  • Creative brainstorming from 300,000+ benchmarked in-market ads, the largest creative effectiveness database in the world.
  • Dramatically faster results at far less cost.
  • Results in 24 - 48 hours on the ABX Ad Explorer dashboard, through alerts, or in full report form.