ABX Gender Equality, Multicultural
and Social Sensitivity Testing

The ABX Gender Equality Index™ (GEI) for Women, Men, Boys and Girls

ABX has been at the forefront of developing new measures to address critical areas of need in our changing world.  One of these measures was the creation of the first-ever Gender Equality Index™, which shows a clear relationship between gender portrayal in advertising, programming and brand performance.

ABX was presented with the 2017 ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Award for GEI™, which found that measuring gender equality:

  • Increases purchase intent by more than 26% for all consumers.
  • Increases purchase intent by more than 45% among women.
  • Increases reputation by 10%.
ABX - Diversity Equality

As the Global Gold Standard in Gender Equality Measurement in advertising creative, ABX has measured Men, Women, Boys & Girls in more than 200,000 ads in 14 countries and are experts in all things regarding gender fairness and equality where companies and brands are concerned.  

While women have been at the forefront of gender equality change, men have also been concerned about how they, their wives, sons and daughters might be portrayed. ABX research shows men support Gender Equality as much or more than women.

ABX supplies its GEI™ to major brands worldwide as well as the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), the largest advertising association in the United States, and its SeeHer program, which markets the data as its Gender Equality Measure® (GEM).  

GEI™ is available:

  • In all ABX syndicated and custom products.
  • Sold as a separate product.
  • Gender KPIs provided upon request.

Multicultural and Social Sensitivity Measures

ABX - Equality Diversity Inclusion

ABX is also pioneering metrics for Multicultural and Social Sensitivity Metrics through the syndicated measurement of thousands upon thousands of ads. Many of these metrics are easily accessible on the ABX dashboard, and others are accessed through ABX Insights Reporting.

Available metrics include:

  • Faith
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Environmental Sustainability (ESG)
  • Transgender and non-Binary

More information on these ABX metrics and insights are available upon request.