Creative Benchmarking Program

Benchmark ALL your Ads against ALL Competitors Omnichannel 

Data on ads across all channels empower your creative and media teams with unmatched, real-time benchmarking of ALL your ads against a normative database of more than 150,000 ads.  The ABX norms are the most comprehensive in the industry, and are available by category, media type, brand, competitive set, total population, target audience, media usage and more.  Norms are also available or the ABX Gender Equality Index™, which has been tested on 40,000 ads.

To understand why it's critical to measure every ad in every media type, see our Resources Page, "Integrated Marketing Across All Media Types" and "Competitive Intelligence in Advertising."  You'll also find key tips at "Advertising Effectiveness Measurement."

The program includes:

  • Omnichannel advertising measurement including digital, social, print, television, radio, OOH, FSIs, in-store signage and more.
  • Client and competitor results covering a vast array of brands and industries.
  • Creative brainstorming from 150,000+ benchmarked ads, the largest database in the world.
  • Dramatically faster results at far less cost. 
  • Results in 24 hours on the ABX Ad Explorer dashboard, through alerts, or in full report form.

See your advertising measurement omnichannel results on dashboard each day. 

ABX Creative Benchmarking omnichannel results are seen on dashboard.