ABX Products

Disrupt the Creative Process with a Complete Solution in Real Time

Inform the creative process with real-time advertising measurement from ABX through the syndicated or custom products listed below. Move media spend from low-performing creative to high, optimizing ROAS by at least 20%.

The ABX Index is proven to streamline the creative process. It also correlates to outcomes and improves the predictability of marketing mix models by up to 15%.  ABX provides 14 KPIs including a new ABX Gender Equality Index ™ that gauges unconscious gender bias in ads, with a new Multicultural Equality Index soon to debut.

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Mini Case Study

It’s 3 p.m. on Wednesday. The CMO and marketing team of a global retailer needs to know which of three TV spots should air on Friday.  The CMO and team could have over-ridden their advisors, but they are strong believers in using data, not gut instinct. ABX evaluated the three ad options and one outperformed the others by 20%. Results were delivered the next day, well before air-time, and the CMO was delighted.

Mini Case Study shows how creative process speeds up