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Disrupt the Creative Process with a Complete Solution in Real Time

Inform the creative process with real-time advertising effectiveness measurement from ABX through the syndicated and custom products listed below.  Then, move your media spend from low-performing creative to high, optimizing ROAS by at least 20%.  Why does this work?

The big challenge for Creatives is gauging the effectiveness of ads in all media types when they aren't included in PreTests or InMarket Tests.  Since only 20-30% of ads are tested, the great majority of creative relies on the best-guess approach.  This is where the ABX Creative  Benchmarking program comes in, testing ALL ads for clients and competitors with a 24-hour turn-around.  Creatives see results quickly on dashboard and can improve any ad as needed.    

The ABX Index has also been tested extensively against business outcomes like sales.  The Index and other KPIs improve the predictability of marketing mix models by up to 15%.  Why?  To see the real effectiveness of your advertising work, a modeler needs creative scores on ALL your ads, and all your competitors' ads.  Until now, such a broad array of creative data wasn't available, so modelers have had to settle for using advertising spend.  See case studies illustrating this on our ROAS, ROI and Predictive Analytics page.

But, advertising spend can't account for the variability of effectiveness in creative.  So ABX built a system to provide clients with something they've never had before: a holistic measurement of all ads, in all media types, with full competitive intelligence and accurate analytics.

ABX provides 14 KPIs including the ABX Gender Equality Index ™ that gauges unconscious gender bias in ads, with a new Multicultural Equality Index soon to debut. 

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Mini Case Study

It’s 3 p.m. on Wednesday. The CMO and marketing team of a global retailer needs to know which of three TV spots should air on Friday.  The CMO and team could have over-ridden their advisors, but they are strong believers in using data, not gut instinct. ABX evaluated the three ad options and one outperformed the others by 20%. Results were delivered the next day, well before air-time, and the CMO was delighted.

Mini Case Study shows how creative process speeds up