Impact your Advertising ROI and ROAS by Benchmarking your Creative Against Billions of Survey Responses 

To elevate advertising Return-on-Investment or Return-on-Ad-Spend, your creative team needs to see the insights drawn from marketplace reality through fast, accurate, omnichannel feedback.  It's not enough for them to see television or online video results.  They need to see results on their creative in radio, print, outdoor, FSI, online display and other advertising mediums to get a whole picture.  

To help creative teams do just that, the ABX Team has tested billions of data points in creative pieces in more than 30 countries by category, media type, demographic unit such as ethnicity, gender and age, and more .

To date, ABX has tested more than 365,000 ads through wholly-owned technology and a patent-pending visual testing methodology which keeps costs low.  This means ABX has the best norms in the business today, built on solid information for each category.

For more about how creative can help correlate advertising spend to sales results, see our Resources Page, Creative Testing for ROAS, ROI and Predictive Analytics, complete with case studies.

The ABX Ad Explorer dashboard provides verbatims, word clouds and every metric needed to improve advertising ROI and ROAS

ABX drives advertising ROI at disruptively affordable prices.

Mini Case Study

The creative staff of a major beer brand used the same message across online video, OOH and radio ads. While the video and OOH did well, the radio did not.

ABX comparative data showed competitor ads were successful with simple voiceover and minimal background noise. The radio ad was remixed, retaining the copy but simplifying the sound. The remixed spot improved performance by 68%.

case study beer.png