Finally, an Advertising Measurement Index that Enhances Predictive Analytics

The ABX Index is comprised of several of the 14 KPIs that correlate to business outcomes and enhance predictive analytics in marketing mix modeling. What good is testing advertising creative if the results don’t answer business questions? The 14 KPIs are grouped as follows for each ad, and are augmented with various demographic, Category and media consumption breaks.

While “Likeability” measures are provided, ABX research has consistently shown that it does not improve predictive analytics, so it is not included in the ABX Index.   To learn more about how creative measures can improve correlations between media spend and revenues, see our Resources Page,  Creative Testing for ROAS, ROI and Predictive Analytics .

KPIs include:

  • Create Awareness (Brand Linkage)
  • Communicate a Message
  • View Favorably (Likeable or Unlikeable)
  • Influence Brand Reputation
  • Generate a Call-to-Action
  • Gender Equality Index™

The ABX Index performs extremely well in marketing mix modeling, honing the accuracy of the models' predictive analytics. For example:

  • ABX compared correlations between Media Spend and Sales Lift for a Health & Beauty brand, and then repeated it with ABX creative scores included. Correlations went from r²=.113 for just the spend data to an r²=.743 with the inclusion of the creative scores. See the graph for this story in the link above – as well as other case studies on the impact of creative linking to outcomes.

The ABX Gender Equality Index™ is also included as a separate part of the ABX report.  The GEI measures perceptions of how female, male, boy and girl actors are portrayed in the media, which influences Reputation and Call-to-Action.  


The ABX Index enhances predictive analytics in marketing mix modeling. Here is a sample ad report.