ABX Gender Equality IndexTM



Now You Can Measure for Unconscious Gender Bias in Your Advertising

In June of 2015, the White House identified the elimination of gender bias in the media as a critical issue.  ABX simultaneously believed that the lack of gender equality in advertising impacts creative and brand performance.  As a result, ABX designed a new methodology to measure gender bias, evaluating thousands of ads for conscious and unconscious gender bias.   The results formed the basis of the ABX Gender Equality Index™, the only syndicated program to measure gender bias across all media in real-time.  

This methodology was adopted by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), the largest advertising association in the United States.  More than 125,000 ads have now been evaluated by ABX in 14 countries, establishing the first-ever national and global gender norms for men, women, boys and girls.  For more research information about the gender equality movement, see our special Resources Page, "Gender Equality in Advertising."

Sample ABX summary scorecard with Gender scores.

ABX Research Shows that Removal of Conscious and Unconscious Gender Bias:

  • Increases purchase intent by more than 26% for all consumers.
  • Increases purchase intent by more than 45% among women.
  • Increases reputation by 10%.

The ABX program includes:

  • GEI™ scores can be included in all ABX syndicated and custom products.
  • The GEI data is also sold as a separate product.
  • Examples of Gender KPIs are shown above.
Beautiful black family illustrates importance of measuring gender equality in advertising.

Never risk showing men, women, girls or boys in a disrespectful manner in any of your advertising.