Mitigate your Advertising Risk through Real-Time Decision-Support Intelligence

It’s 3 p.m. on Wednesday. The CMO of the world’s largest retailer needs to know which of three TV spots should air on Friday. He could have over-ridden his advisors, but is a strong believer of using data, not gut instinct. ABX evaluated the three ad options and one outperformed the others by 20%. Results were delivered the next day, well before air-time, and he was delighted.

ABX is a global advertising evaluation service that provides real-time decision-support intelligence that mitigates your ad investment risk while boosting ROI.  Intelligence is provided through two services: the ABX Syndicated Study and Custom Pre/In-Market Testing.

The ABX Syndicated Study measures print, television, radio, digital, OOH and free-standing inserts for clients and their competitive choice sets in 18 industries. With more than 100,000 benchmarked ads to date, the ABX study is the largest of its kind in the world.  The ABX survey, developed over four years, has proven to produce results comparable to legacy systems, but in a dramatically faster, less costly way and with more accurate norms. Custom Pre-Market/In-Market Testing also benefits from cost-efficiencies realized through our proprietary syndicated service. (See Methodology)

At the heart of all ABX services is a unique GenPop syndicated methodology that enables cross-comparison insights against the biggest and most accurate normative database for media, category and competitors.  Because of this unique methodology and database, ABX has isolated which of 14 standard KPIs are truly predictive, and combined them into the ABX Index. A larger sample is used to deliver insights on specific client target segments when appropriate.

The Services

ABX Syndicated Study

Keeping your advertising risk low is fundamental to business success. To do that, you need to know exactly what ALL your competitors are doing across all media, all the time.  See your ad performance in 24 hours on the ABX Ad Explorer on desktop or mobile devices with the filtering capabilities you need. You’ll know exactly how your ads are performing in-market in time for additional creative tweaking or revisions in the media buy.  Insight tools are built-into the portal and a dedicated ABX research analyst is assigned to you to assist with insights and recommendations. 

ABX Pre-Market/In-Market Custom Testing

Why risk it? With ABX real-time creative testing, you can afford to experiment with a number of versions to ensure the best possible outcome before spending on media. Iterate your ad executions, with insights from the KPIs that have proven to matter. With overnight results, never have an ad underperform because you ran out of time. ABX ad benchmarking is available in 15 languages.

Insights Delivery

The ABX Ad Report

The ABX Report Guide You can now have fast insights and unmatched decision-support from advanced technology and specialized expertise. The ABX Ad Report provides a simple visual picture of your ad performance to help you quickly understand your ad’s strengths and weaknesses compared to the most extensive benchmarks in the industry. (See this GUIDE for more information)

Taco Bell’s TV ad scored 8.8% higher than overall ABX norms with very high purchase intent. But compared to Fast Food Industry norms of 120, and to competitors like Subway, which averages 125, Taco Bell has opportunity for improvement. Without context, numbers are meaningless.


The ABX Competitive Report

The ABX Report Guide See how your ad performance compares to your competitors’ in every media type, for any time frame or demographic, with the click of a mouse through competitive position snapshot reports such as this.

The ABX Competitive Report provides critical context for insights. Here we see that Taco Bell scores near the bottom in Internet (Digital), TV and Out-of-Home advertising. In isolation, none of Taco Bell’s scores would have generated concern.

Insights Delivery Tools

The ABX Ad Explorer dashboard provides quick and easy data insight tools in Media, Category and Competitive context, enabling you to compare ads against every KPI and thereby mitigate your ad investment risk. The Explorer is customized to your preferences

ABX Ad Explorer Mobile

Seeing your ad testing results on dashboard within 24 hours, along with those of your competitors, enables swift action to improve or swap given creative.

ABX Ad Explorer Desktop

The ABX Ad Explorer allows you to slice and dice data as needed, and develop insight as you see how your brand stacks up across industries, geographies, demographics and KPIs.

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