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The creative staff of a major beer brand utilized consistent messaging across out-of-home, online video, and radio.  But while online video and out-of-home were performing well, ABX benchmarks for the radio ad showed this ad was underperforming. ABX comparative data further revealed that the most effective radio ads in their competitive set used simple voiceover with minimal background effects.  The radio ad was remixed, simplifying the presentation. With no change in copy, the insights delivered by ABX improved the remixed radio spot 68%

To elevate advertising ROI, your creative team needs the insights drawn from marketplace reality through fast, accurate and cross-silo feedback. Market research may not have changed much in 30 years, but the delivery of results that are useful in today’s super-charged marketing environment certainly has. And ABX’s ability to deliver is second to none.

The ABX team has been performing global research through the internet for over 15 years, completing over 8 million interviews in more than 30 countries. This unique and proven capability has translated into wholly-owned testing methodology and technology that provides accurate insights at a fraction of what you’d expect to pay.

ABX’s patent-pending visual methodology ensures every respondent is presented with the same interviewing experience, in the U.S. or across the world.  This results in improved accuracy, higher interview satisfaction, and better compliance. It also generates 40% more information for any given survey length improving accuracy and resulting in an enhanced interviewing experience. Here’s how it works:

Ad Selection

Ads are ingested each day from ABX monitoring partners and are chosen for evaluation using an automated random selection algorithm that assures a mix of ads by media type in the same proportion as the universe of all ads, and no more than two ads per grouping from any one industry category. If more than one ad is chosen from an industry category, the brands and media types will be different. The order of the ads is randomized, as is the order of questions for each ad, to avoid position order bias that would occur if ads or questions were in a fixed position.

Survey Sampling

ABX presents a grouping of 15 ads to a representative and balanced Internet panel sampling of consumers randomly selected from among those who qualify for the survey.  A general population stratified random probability sampling design incorporates a blended sample from several leading global panel companies. Participants are “deduped” to produce a homogeneous and as unbiased a panel composition as possible.  Participants double opt-in and are pre-screened to achieve balance by age within gender, geography, income and education.  The sample consists of:

    • Adults 18+
    • Residing in the country (contiguous 48 states for the US)
    • Who have not participated in an ABX survey in the prior 90 days
    • Stratified by age within gender
    • Geography (4 Census regions in the U.S.)
    • Representative of income and education

Additional demographic targets or segmentation needs are routinely accommodated by ABX based on specific client needs.

Interviewing Methodology

The ABX survey uses a patent-pending visual survey system to ensure that every respondent is presented with the same interviewing experience. This generates improved accuracy, higher interview satisfaction and better compliance, and generates 40% more data in the interview length as traditional “text based” surveys. This single-solution, highly repeatable methodology is identical in all markets and for all languages.

Ocucom™ Ocular Survey Engine

The “ocular” patent-pending survey methodology is fun and fast and provides 40% more data than regular text surveys.

Data Analysis and Insights

Proprietary technology has enabled lightning-quick data analysis, providing answers to demographic, category and media usage questions along with ratings on 14 industry-standard KPIs. Survey responses are analyzed to produce the proprietary ABX Index, and individual data for each question is stored, allowing the comparison of ads across region, gender, and individual KPIs. Additional insights on the performance of each ad are included by ABX researchers, to ensure all relevant information is put into context.

The ABX Index

The ABX Index is comprised of five of the 14 KPIs that identify which ads are predictable to enhance sales or other business outcomes, so you can adjust your investment accordingly. The 14 KPIs are grouped as follows for each ad, and are enhanced with various demographic, category and media consumption breaks.  While “Likability” measures are provided, ABX research shows that it does not correlate to outcomes, so it is not included in the ABX Index. You can see the full range of KPI’s here.

  • Create Awareness (Brand Linkage)
  • Communicate a Message
  • View Favorably (Likable)
  • Influence Brand Reputation
  • Generate a Call-to-Action

Market Mix Modeling and Correlation to Sales

As stated above, the ABX Index correlates with business outcomes data such as sales, and has been used in the market mix models of major national brands with improved results forecasts of up to 15%. Imagine what even a 1% improvement can do to your bottom line. ABX researchers provide correlations and data customized for market mix models as part of the regular service.

Once you see how your ads stack-up to competitors, you can move budget from lower- to higher-performing ads. This simple strategy can improve ROI by up to 15%.

Increase Ad Effectiveness and move money from lower-performing to higher-performing ads

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