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Photo of JJ Klein, CEO

“JJ” Klein,

Chairman & CEO

"JJ” Klein brings more than 35 years of marketing, research and professional consulting and technology experience in designing, developing and implementing methodologies and programs for long-term growth. He has exceptional strength in domestic and international new business development, strategic planning and identifying and tracking consumer, retail and industry trends.

JJ began his marketing, research and consulting career as a project director for Simmons Market Research Bureau, where he rose through a number of management positions to Associate Executive Vice President. He was involved in the design and development of the annual Simmons “Study of Selective Markets” and was Director of the “Simmons Local Index”. In addition, he was instrumental in designing and developing the first direct on-line interactive data analysis and delivery system available to a variety of domestic and international business markets including advertising agencies, media and manufacturing and service companies and institutions.

JJ left Simmons Research to form Three Sigma Research Center. As Chief Operating Officer, he created Three Sigma’s “Syndicated Study of Major Markets”. This was the first major syndicated local market newspaper measurement system implemented in the United States. This syndicated program became the Scarborough Report. It continues to be an industry standard, based upon more than 175,000 interviews.

Following the sale of Three Sigma, JJ joined Audits & Surveys Worldwide as a Director and principal. He was involved in developing a number of the company’s businesses including domestic and international programs and new consumer marketing and tracking services. Following the public offering of Audits & Surveys, he joined Roper Starch as Executive Director.

JJ’s background brings together an extremely unique blend of extensive experience in designing and developing international, national and local consumer, marketing, sales, advertising, retail and syndicated information businesses. His accomplishments include the design and initiation of programs and methods that produce more valid and reliable information.

He is a member of the American Marketing Association (co-founder of the Gold Coast Chapter) and European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research. JJ is a guest speaker at domestic and international conferences. In addition, he is a member of the Board for The Research Group that consists of nationally recognized research leaders from industry and the scholarly community, who collaborates and transfer knowledge to students, organizations and society.