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Photo of Gary Getto, President

Gary Getto


Gary is a co-founder of ABX. He is a key thought leader in measuring communications effectiveness.

Previously, Mr. Getto led VMS’ efforts to measure and analyze the combined impact of news coverage, social media, and advertising communications on key business metrics, such as sales or product preferences. He was primarily responsible for the ground-breaking work done by VMS in linking communications activity to business outcomes. It is here that Gary first developed the methodology and criteria for measuring advertising performance, the vision to benchmark every ad and build a comprehensive database of advertising performance metrics, and the process to do this in an affordable manner.

Gary was also one of the first to apply artificial intelligence to the task of better understanding how communications impacts consumer behavior and has worked with communications leaders across a diverse set of industries.

Gary has an extensive background in product development, strategic planning, and sales/marketing. He is a frequent speaker to the advertising, marketing, and public relations community.

Gary holds a B.S., Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University and a Masters in Management Science from Stevens Institute of Technology.