Who We Are

One of the world’s largest retailers was considering reinstituting an advertising symbol it used many years ago, but were concerned how it would impact its reputation. ABX collected and tested ads with this symbol from a decade ago. Once results were put into context with the competitive set, they showed the symbol would favorably impact the client’s advertising.

The ABX team has been performing global research through the internet for over 15 years, completing over 8 million interviews in more than 30 countries. The senior team has more than 100 years of combined experience covering all aspects of research, sampling, operations, analysis and software development.

The team has built the ABX research system, which is based on patent-pending visual methodology that produces more accurate survey results in 40% less time. The solution has a highly repeatable global methodology identical for use in all parts of the world.

Our team has also had 25+ years testing TV pilots and managing the longest-running syndicated TV tracker. ABX Chairman J. J. Klein has also consulted with GfK, IPSOS, Nielsen and other competitors on designing their online survey capabilities. ABX serves as a research partner to Association of National Advertisers and the Alliance for Family Entertainment.


Photo of JJ Klein, CEO

“JJ” Klein,

Chairman & CEO

“JJ” Klein brings more than 35 years of marketing, research and professional consulting and technology experience in designing, developing and implementing methodologies and programs for long-term growth. Read More 

Photo of Gary Getto, President

Gary Getto


Gary is a co-founder of Advertising Benchmark Index. As President, he drives our focus on advertising analysis and insight, and is a key thought leader in measuring communications effectiveness. Read More 

Photo of Julian Brown, CTO

Julian Brown


Julian brings over 20 years of software engineering and market research experience to ABX. As one of the Founders and in his position as Chief Technology Officer, Julian is the chief visionary responsible for strategic planning and development. Read More 

Photo of Jeff Schamel, Vice President, Operations

Jeff Schamel

Vice President, Operations

Jeff has over 14 years of market research experience across a wide variety of areas in the industry, including project management, client service, operations, production and sales.
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Photo of Jeff Schamel, Vice President, Operations

Martin Geraghty

Vice President, Client Services

Martin has over 20 years of experience in the market research space. He is currently a member the ABX Management Group with both client service and operational responsibilities.
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Photo of Jeff Schamel, Vice President, Operations

Angela Jeffrey

Vice President, Brand Management

Angie is an internationally known speaker and award winning veteran of public relations, advertising and marketing. She is primarily responsible for all ABX efforts that involve PR or social media measurement.
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Photo of Michael Alf, Vice President, Software Development

Michael Alf

Vice President, Software Development

Michael is one of the founders of Ocucom and has over 12 years of software engineering experience in the Market Research industry.
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Photo of Dr. Peter Moomaw, Vice President,  Development

Dr. Peter Moomaw

Vice President, Development

Peter is the primary developer of operations technology and data analysis. As a chief visionary on the Research and Development team, Peter works to generate innovative ideas for the continued development of processes and protocols. Read More